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>Do I have Christian worldview?

>Worldview Exam: You are a Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker. But I still only scored 143 points of 170 possible, 84%. This is their ratings chart.

Scoring/Ratings Chart
Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker 75% – 100%
Moderate Biblical Worldview Thinker 50% – 74%
Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker 25% – 49%
Socialist Worldview Thinker 0% – 24%
Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker under 0%

Their sections were, with my score in parentheses,

  • Civil Government, 8 questions (62%)
  • Economics, 9 questions (66%)
  • Education, 6 questions (83%)
  • Family, 4 questions (100%)
  • Law, 13 questions (76%)
  • religion, 29 questions (94%)
  • science, 8 questions (81%)
  • social issues, 8 questions (93%)

For a total of 85 questions. My combined total of 84% was after a redo because of their faulty marking scheme. Sample question:

Physically and mentally healthy adults that do not work should not be protected from suffering the consequences of their actions.

Of which the possible answers are; with marking schedule:

  • Strongly Agree +2
  • Tend to Agree +1
  • No Opinion -2
  • Tend to Disagree +0
  • Strongly Disagree -1

The author may have strong Christian worldview but he doesn’t have a strong ability in maths and/ or programming. If one is uncertain about an issue (no opinion) it seems unfair for them to score lower than someone who has come down strongly on the wrong side. So my redo was choosing to side on one side or another. Further, I am not certain how well this was weighted: having a strong Christian worldview of family but less so of law would count for less overall than someone in the reverse position. They need to decide how important each section is and how much it should contribute to the whole, then weight the number of questions appropriately.

One problem I had with the test is some of it relied on American history. Take this question,

The original intent of our founding fathers was a form of government that was free to set its own policy only if God had not already ruled in that area. Our founders believed that our man made laws were not to contradict the laws of God.

Whether or not one believes the founding fathers thought in a certain way does not necessarily mean one’s own worldview is suspect. And if you are somewhat ignorant of American history but know how a biblical government should be founded then you deserve full credit.

Another problem I had was if one tended one way because that was the general thrust of scripture, but there are other scriptures that limit the extreme view, or scripture is not absolutely clear, then one gets only 1 of 2 possible marks. The answer to this question is either yes or no,

Adam and Eve were fictional characters that never really lived.

However the answer to this question is less clear cut,

There is no reason why a biblically-minded Christian should be opposed to human cloning.

Of course this is not a proper survey or well thought out Christian assessment, just an advertisement for their worldview seminars. You will have to unsubscribe to their newsletter afterward (click on the link at the bottom of the first email).

I applaud them for running worldview weekends, many people who become Christians know little doctrine and even when they do, seem to have some cognitive dissonance with their ideas at church and their ideas in the workplace. Others may not understand how to work out faith in practice. Ideas have consequences. While loving and obeying Jesus is more important that right belief, belief affects behaviour. We need to take every thought captive.

They need also be cautious with what they teach and their emphasis. Several concepts are clearly taught in Scripture, many are less clear and some are subtle. God’s expectations of nations and his expectations of individuals may not be the same. God’s priorities for kingdom citizens may be different to those who have yet to join.

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  1. farmer Tom
    2007 July 19 at 01:30

    >I did the test several years ago. Redid it just for fun tonight. I am familiar enough with the Worldview Weekend Seminars to know how to answer and tilt the scale. I got a 170 out of 170 this time. Last time I refused to strongly agree that Jorge the Younger was the POTUS. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t believe that is a legitimate worldview question. I agree with most of your analysis, some of the questions really ought to be answered less strongly one way or the other and still be weighted correctly.

  2. bethyada
    2007 July 19 at 07:03

    >Thanks for your comments here and on the recent posts farmer tom. I was quite keen to do a blog but uncertain whether it worth the time given what else I have to do with work and family. So it is useful to know that people find some of what I say helpful.I am trying to post at least once a week at the moment.Feel free to leave comments about what you agree and disagree about. May mean I need to explain things more clearly, or rethink my position. I have chosen relative anonymity an the moment as it may provide for more freedom, though I may change this. But if you are interested I am happy to share some sermons that have influenced me profoundly. They are available online and I will give you the site if you email me.

  3. Flipside
    2007 August 22 at 09:43

    >I think you should lose the 2 pts if have no opinion. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” I Pe 3:15. “The spiritual man makes judgements about all things.. …we have the mind of Christ.” I Cor 2:15,16

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