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>What animal is this?

Australian Aboriginals claim knowledge of an animal they call a bunyip. Many have suggested that this is mythical but when bones were shown to an Aboriginal he claimed they were from a bunyip. He gave a description of a it and drew a picture of it. When the picture was shown to other people, who do not necessarily have contact with each other, they confirmed it was a bunyip. This occurred in 1845.

I am not certain if this the the original picture or a rendition is based on the description. Does it resemble any creature extant or extinct?

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  1. Starwind
    2007 July 21 at 14:22

    >Ah yes, the Bunyip.Most of the Austrailian outback was denuded by marauding bands of bunyip, ultimately leading to their extinction as they decimated their own habitat.Aboriginal legends tell of how their ancestors would organize “Bunyip hunts”. Tribal elders would lie in wait whilest one chosen young man would circle around and scare the bunyip into their nets. Anthropologists believe this was some sort of ‘Rite of Passage’.The bunyip is a classic example of macro-evolution and common descent. Darwinists have long known the bunyip is the precursor of the kangaroo and crocodile, and recent study suggests the strong possibly that vestigial ostrich wings and feathers have been found in bunyip fossils (on display at Aboriginal roadside souvenier stands).

  2. Anonymous
    2007 July 22 at 09:02

    >Kangaroos look more like giant mice than upright alligators.

  3. DuckMan
    2007 July 23 at 17:01

    >I thought the antics of the dodos brought on the extinction of the bunyips.(I must visit different souvenir stands than Starwind.)

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