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>Crocodile or hadrosaur?

>The bunyip displayed in my recent post has some similarities to a crocodile, notably the tail. I am uncertain what the aboriginal word for crocodile is. But there are several distinct features in the picture that are not seen in crocodiles and alligators (these are the same essential kind of animal created by God).

The legs on the drawing come from below the animal, not from the side. The animal is walking on its back feet, not all fours. And the animal’s face is more representative of a duck bill than the snout of a crocodile. The picture is probably more representative of what we think a hadrosaur (a duck billed dinosaur) looked like. The interesting thing is the drawing of the bunyip predates the discovery of a fossilised duckbilled dinosaur by 13 years.

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  1. farmer Tom
    2007 July 25 at 17:59

    >It’s obviously a hoax put there by young earth creationist to confuse the scientific community. Probably spent years digging the hole for the bones, then planting the drawing where someone would find it first. Blame it on those sneaky bible-thumpers.The sarcasm end here.I’m waiting for this to be the “logical” explaination.

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