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>Commenting on blog posts

>Have switched to HaloScan for commenting. I have commented with both HaloScan and the default at Blogger and I find the later less smooth.

I wish to allow all comments. To facilitate commenting the process should be smooth, fast and unmoderated with no character verification. In Blogger my settings were set thus but the process of commenting is stilted.

No moderation will allow unwanted comments and spam but Blogger does not seem to have the ability to remove these comments subsequently. Moderation delays the process and there is the psychological barrier that the blogmaster may not allow the comment to pass. HaloScan can be set with moderation on or off, but allows removal of comments subsequently. It gives more freedom in timestamping (code rather than a limited number of set options) but template design is better in Blogger. And I would like for a larger comment box but this does not seem to be available in the free version.

An improvement in commenting would be to show the preview as one types so mistakes in html code could be seen prior to publishing. I have seen this but can’t remember where. Even easier would be formatting buttons similar to wikipedia.

The downside to this switch is previous comments are lost (or hidden somewhere in cyberspace).

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  1. 2007 September 13 at 16:48

    I have seen the feature allowing you to preview comments as you type. It was on a WordPress blog, but the blogger has shut off comments now. I don’t see it as a standard option on my WordPress dashboard.

  2. 2007 September 15 at 06:21

    I recently switched to Haloscan as well, but I switched from WordPress’ native commenting feature. It was too awkward and unpredictable.

  3. 2009 March 21 at 21:02

    Blogger allows you to delete comments – I delete them whenever we get spam. If you look at your comments whilst logged in a trashcan shows up next to each one, you just click the trashcan and choose to delete from view or delete permanently.

  4. 2009 March 22 at 03:48

    Yes Madeleine. I wanted to leave my comments open without moderation and then delete. I couldn’t see how to do it when I switched. I also found blogger quite slow to comment on. Things seemed to have improved and if I could import haloscan into blogger I would probably switch back.

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