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>Commitment succeeds when feelings fail

>Many of my readers likely read Vox Popoli more than they read here but in case you missed it this is worth repeating. CJ shares about his parents

My mom stayed with my dad after he left his six-figure job to hang out
with Absolut, Stoli, and Smirnoff around the time I was born. After ten
years of public embarassment, poverty, and one incident of abuse, he
dried himself out and got back to the person he had been before the
alcohol. They are the most sickeningly sweet 60+ year olds you’ll ever

In my late teens, I asked her was it love that kept them together. She
said no, it wasn’t love. That for a while she had stopped loving him
and prayed that God would let him die. So I asked why didn’t she just
divorce him and her reply, which I’ll never forget: “Because I don’t
believe in divorce. Marriage isn’t about love, it’s about commitment.
Till death do you part means just what it says. If you can’t handle
that, you shouldn’t get married.”

And now that my mom is suffering with cancer, with my dad waiting on
her hand and foot, she asked “are you sure you want to stay with me
through this?” His answer? “You stayed during my drinking didn’t you?”

That’s commitment.

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