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>On what day was Jesus crucified?

>During discussion on my facts of Christmas post Starwind stated

I also note the Star of Bethlehem site endeavors to place the crucifixion on a Friday for which there is no biblical warrant, and which leads to no reconciliation of Jesus being 3 days & nights in the tomb.

I mentioned that I held to a Friday crucifixion and Starwind asked for my reasoning, specifically how I

count 3 days and 3 nights leading up to Sunday morning.

I will address this over the next few posts.

There are several passages that give us information about the day of crucifixion and resurrection. They can be arranged in several groups.

  • Jesus’ predictions of his own death
  • Jesus’ temple analogy
  • Analogy to Jonah
  • Resurrection accounts
    • Mention of Preparation day
    • Mention of the Sabbath day
    • Mention of the first day of the week
    • Mention of the duration
  • Other allusions

I will quote all the relevant passages with some discussion, remembering that one of my hermeneutical principles is to favour an interpretation that does justice to all relevant Scripture.

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