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>Testing the scheduling feature

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  1. Starwind
    2008 October 13 at 02:23

    Hmmmm…. is this an example of a counterfactual?

  2. 2008 October 13 at 08:44

    Ha! I did find one recently though, 1 Samuel 23.
    You don’t have to but have you thought of putting your website in the homepage field?

  3. Starwind
    2008 October 14 at 15:20

    I’ve not yet written a ‘homepage’, though I’ve started outlining one.
    All my pages presently are topic specific and interlinked, but I agree they all need a intro/overview page, and such a page would necessitate edits to all the existing pages, and I’ve been investing more time in answering questions and researching new content.
    Nor do I want to link one of the existing pages as a ‘homepage’ and then later change to a real homepage as the search engines tend to view that as a ‘bait and switch’ tactic.
    Lastly, I’m not entirely sure I want to burden my website’s credibility with Starwind’s confrontational reputation though I am trying to fix the latter, BTW :)

  4. Starwind
    2008 October 14 at 15:23

    bethyada, OT: BTW I sent you an email yesterday on an unrelated matter.

  5. 2008 October 15 at 10:01

    Got it, have emailed you back just now.

  6. 2008 October 18 at 06:45

    So did the scheduler post it when it was supposed to?
    We just discovered that function today and as we know tomorrow and Monday will be busy we have written some posts that we hope the scheduler will neatly desposit for us over the next two days.

  7. 2008 October 18 at 20:49

    Yes the scheduler worked well. If you adjust the time to the future and publish then the edit page shows the post as scheduled, not published. Then it publishes it at the right time. I don’t write enough posts to use it, perhaps 1 or 2 a week, but I may use it if I am on holiday with the family for a period with no internet access.

  8. 2008 October 28 at 11:07

    We write a lot of our blogs on a Saturday morning. Its when we are both at home and there is nowhere we have to rush to be so the ideas we have had over the week can get nutted out and we can critique each other’s posts.
    Since stumbling accross the scheduler – I checked it out after I saw your post – I can set them all up to just automatically post over the coming week. If we get time we throw the odd additional one up but if the week gets away on us at least we have a few to keep our regulars happy.

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