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>Anyone for reindeer salami?

>Retailer Ikea has been taken to task for selling reindeer meat, more specifically their treatment of the animals. The animals are not farmed, rather they are caught wild and trekked up to 1000 km to the slaughter houses. Viva! have stated,

We are calling on the company to withdraw sales of the meat, due to the cruel exploitation these wild animals suffer at the hands of hunters.

The reason this does not pass the smell test is that Viva! are an animal rights group: Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals. It does not matter how humanely the animals are treated, the fact that they are killed and eaten will likely be viewed as abuse. They even oppose dairy:

Cow’s milk is neither a natural or healthy drink for humans who are the only mammals to consume milk after weaning, not only that but the milk of another species!

And yet we still produce lactase to digest milk into adulthood. Seems like we are designed to consume milk.

While I am no fan of “animal rights,” I do not support the abuse of animals. It is both unkind to the animals and detrimental to the human perpetrator. Many farmers who raise livestock oppose the mistreatment of animals. What I found amusing, was this complaint by Viva! about the practice,

More than 70 per cent of reindeer slaughtered for meat are calves that have grazed during the summer, which means they never even get to see snow.

No snow for the little reindeer children.

Good grief, they are deer!

It is either acceptable or unacceptable to eat animals. If it is acceptable then killing them before or after they have seen snow makes no difference. And if it is not acceptable to eat animals, then their slaughter is the issue, and killing snow exposed reindeer is just as problematic as killing snow unexposed ones.

Whatever the ethical status of carnivory, the whether or not they have seen snow is irrelevant. Further, as animals they negotiate their environment, snowy or not. They do not have subliminal moments as they gaze upon winter forests, crystal plains, and hoary mountain peaks.

  1. 2008 December 8 at 09:37

    Well said. The same is true for whale meat, dolphin…

  2. michael
    2008 December 8 at 17:00

    Yum yum! Have them send me some.
    I am Native American and our diet is wild game. Some whale meat and dolphin sounds good too. I have eaten alligator!
    To each’s perspective then. Some are offended by how we treat wild animals. Why not be offended with how we treat each other instead?
    My guess is Madeleine doesn’t find abortion offensive at all? And most likely if she doesn’t have, doesn’t object to others who do have a “save the whales” bumper sticker on the car bumper?

  3. 2008 December 8 at 18:51

    michael, you have misread Madeleine and thus insulted her. Please read comments carefully. She was agreeing with what I wrote. She finds abortion offensive.

  4. 2008 December 8 at 22:11

    Meat is murder!
    Yummy yummy murder.
    You have no idea how bad I felt when I relized that my bacon never got to see the Sisteen Chapel.

  5. michael
    2008 December 10 at 00:17

    I apologize.
    Please accept it and forgive me!

  6. 2008 December 11 at 07:37

    I always find it difficult to understand where people are coming from when they get all bent out of shape about whether we should eat animals etc…
    There are bigger fish to fry (so to speak). I am listening when people are advocating for the welfare of other humans around the world who do not have enough to eat or who are oppressed (usually by their own countrymen and often their own ‘government’)
    I do not condone torture of animals in the sense of needlessly causing them pain, however there are various ways animals are useful to us apart from food, ie. for riding, sheepdogs, ploughing, carrier pigeon, drug detection…
    The kind of people that want to put animal rights on a par with human rights do so based on a philisophical/religious belief that animals and humans are equal… I wonder whether these same people approve of animals with carnivorous habits??

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