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>Atheist debater stuck for words

>Apologist Joe Boot was asked about his favourite stories from his experiences. He describes one of the experiences saying, at a debate organised by

the humanist society and Campus for Christ at a Canadian University, I felt the grace of God helping and strengthening me. My closing remarks were met with pin-drop silence. The atheist was bewildered and concluded with an incoherent moral rant against the Bible! One atheist student filled in his reaction card suggesting the debate had been ‘fixed’ by Christians bringing in an atheist with no arguments! (emphasis added)

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  1. 2008 December 13 at 04:24

    I especially like the bit about the atheist in the audience. To him, atheism is so clear that the problem must of been that atheist presenter.
    Like I always say, never underestimate the creativity of the aptly self-decieved mind.

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