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>To expect to learn anything about important theological problems from Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett is like expecting to learn about medieval history from someone who had only read Robin Hood.

Rodney Stark

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  1. 2009 March 2 at 09:20

    I have been pondering your technorati problem.
    I assume you worked through all their troubleshooting tips?
    I would go back through each – check feeds, auto pings, look at all the settings and compare them to a test blog, even consider removing all non blogger things like Halo just in case its a glitch at your end.
    A good way to test it would be to copy your blog and upload it into a test blog and then submit that to technorati and see if it gets flagged – that way you would know if it was something in the way your page is coded or an error at their end.
    Then once you know its not your coding – do you have many links? Would it be worth changing your URL to get past the flag? – you can buy and host a domain through blogger for very cheap – about $10 from memory – or start a new freebie with something similar for the domain. You wouldn’t lose any tecnorati score at least and you can google to see who is linking to you and badger them nicely to upgrade their links.

  2. 2009 April 8 at 12:19

    I love this quote. That is really good.

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