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>Are proofs of global warming actually myths?

> Andrew Bolt offers a refutation of several evidences of global warming* which he labels “myths.” The 10 proofs of global warming he refutes are

  1. The world is warming
  2. The polar caps are melting
  3. We’ve never had such a bad drought
  4. Our cities have never been hotter
  5. The seas are getting hotter
  6. The seas are rising
  7. Cyclones are getting worse
  8. The great barrier reef is dying
  9. Our snow seasons are shorter
  10. Tsunamis and other disasters are getting worse

The second is interesting, the amount of ice in the Antarctic has increased over the last 3 decades. That issue 1 is a myth is a pity as I think the biosphere would be more productive if it were warmer, especially in temperate and polar climes. Hopefully the higher CO2 will increase biomass despite lack of temperature increase.

He tackles issue 4 via record high temperatures. While interesting, it is not the best way to address it. Cities probably are warming via the urban heat island effect. (Though he is refuting claims, not suggesting these are the best claims).

*I would have linked to the Herald article but it has been taken down (as per some news sites’ bizarre policies of removing material older than some arbitrary duration). I have not reviewed the site linked to above that has a copy of the story. And here is an attempted refutation of Bolt.

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  1. Blair
    2009 May 3 at 05:58

    Another interesting site is at the SPPI (Science and Public Policy Institute) where there is a page that deals with similar issues but calls them the “35 Inconvenient Truths – Errors in Al Gores Movie.” Find it here http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/monckton/goreerrors.html
    Although more accurately these points should be called 35 myths.

  2. 2009 May 7 at 23:03

    I must study this issue more. It is not intellectually satisfying enough for me to rest on, well sensible people I know think global warming science is bogus, whenever I read a summary or article on it it seems they are correct, therefore it must be junk science.
    While I am confident it is, I am not happy with the level of research I have put into it so I have these nagging doubts – though few are around the 10 proofs you list.

  3. 2009 May 10 at 03:11

    One good and humorous place to start reading for more info. on this issue is Christopher Horner’s two books (1)Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism and 2)Red Hot Lies.
    NZ’s own Ian Wishart (Investigate) has (or is just about to) publish his work, “Air Con”, which I am interested to see if he grounds his discussion from a more “kiwi” context on this issue.
    Or, if you are really desperate (and bored) see a couple of posts on my blog… I know, shameless plug!
    One could postulate that this comment is a crude attempt to swindle more hits from the uninitiated… well, one could, but I shall refrain from such accusations.

  4. 2009 May 10 at 08:54

    Madeleine, I have written several posts addressing the science. There is very good reason to be sceptical. The fact that it is based on computer modelling and that modelling has not proven itself is a significant reason. And there are several other issues.
    You could look at my climate change label.
    Jonny, I haven’t read those books but I have read a reasonable amount of other material. There is quite a lot on the net. I may browse Wishart’s book. I have seen others of his and have mixed feelings about them for various reasons I won’t go into here but am happy to people want me to elaborate. I read your 2 articles on climate change.

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