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>I have made some changes to my blog appearance as you can see. Despite doing a reasonable amount of prior work on my test blog, the change still took some time. I had to transfer haloscan commenting system which fortunately worked. Though apparently haloscan is shifting to JS-Kit at some stage. The comments will then get stored again on blogger which may be preferable.

I have been wanting to switch to a 3 column layout to separate out blog related access (see left) and external links (see right). Following that schema means that recent comments should be on the left but it seems to fit better on the right because of the word count. I got the template from ourblogtemplates but have modified it moderately. It has way too many options, especially for colours, and I will have to weed it out at some stage. I also need to modify some of the colours such as mouseover. The width may be slightly large for some monitors at 980 pixels, though only 3% of my visitors have a resolution as low as 800 pixels.

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  1. jc_freak
    2009 May 31 at 22:10

    I like it! Especially the main picture.

  2. 2009 June 1 at 10:36

    Thanks. The picture was something off a wiki showing how to make pictures in gimp or something. I cut out a segment of the picture and changed the colours.
    I quite like the format that The Holy Cause has currently.

  3. heri fauzan amir
    2009 June 1 at 16:19


  4. 2009 June 1 at 16:40

    Certainly is an improvement over most of Blogspot’s stuff!

  5. Blair
    2009 June 3 at 08:15

    I really like it too. Thanks for the link which I have book marked. When I have time I will look into a change for my blog. Would like to talk to you more about it at a later stage as to how you went about it.

  6. 2009 July 4 at 12:03

    It looks really good Bethyada – I really love the red!

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