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> I like this article for several reasons. Firstly I am impressed by the journalist who wrote a good and accurate article about a Christian, and for not adding any negative slant.

And for the courage of Anna-Lisa to say that she sees her ability as a gift and seeks to use it for the glory of God.

“I’m a Christian and my religious faith is very important to me,” [Anna-Lisa] Uttley said.

“That’s why I am running. It is a gift I have been given and I have committed my running ability to God.”

While I do not really understand the pleasure of exercise, many do. Another athlete Eric Liddell (who she admires) said, “When I run it is in His pleasure.”

What ever we do we should do for the glory of God.

And she is by all accounts an excellent athlete, breaking the local 3 km record on 2 occasions; previously unbroken for > 20 years! While she may not always have the words to answer her sometimes sceptical questioning classmates, this may be for some of them a more powerful testimony.

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